A Closer Look at Lifting Equipment

Technology and innovation have bestowed various machines upon us. There was a time when workers had to lift massive loads with their hands. The present age has made the lifting assignment simple. Likewise, it is effortless to move heavy objects from one corner to another, thanks to lifting machines.

What is Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is essentially any machine used for raising or lowering loads. This also includes all accessories used to get the job done. Lifting equipment can be classified based on the type of machine, lifting mechanism involved, nature of the installation, and area of application.

Based on the type, lifting mechanism some lifting machines can be classified as:

  • Forklifts – Used to move items within a short distance
  • Stackers – Used for piling bulk materials such as cereals on a stockpile
  • Hoists –Used to pull heavy objects upwards
  • Robot Arms – A programmable mechanical arm, used to raise and move objects within a defined space.

Based on the nature of the installation, lifting machines can be classified as:

  • Overhead – Mostly found in industrial environments, overhead lifts feature parallel runways in an overhead space
  • Fulcrum – A lifting system installed with supporting counterweights which are used to lift and balance the load
  • Vehicle Mounted – A lifting system mounted on a truck body, used for loading and unloading, and also for construction works

Based on the mechanism involved, lifting equipment can be classified as:

  • Electrical – Powered by electricity
  • Pneumatic – Powered by compressed air
  • Hydraulic – Powered by liquids, which implies that they are the liquid counterparts of pneumatic systems.

Based on the area of application, lifting machines can be classified as:

  • Process industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Warehousing industry

Lifting equipment is meant to be used in applications that require lifting of heavy loads, or when the loads have to be lifted repeatedly. The use of lifting equipment is all about increasing productivity and making the working environment safer.

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