My Opinions On Grain

I’ve been a farmer for a number of years now and I find that there are just not enough articles about how to properly store grain. For that reason alone, I have compiled my own list of tips on the subject. These are based on my own experiences on the subject.


After you have used up last years grain it time to clean the storage unit out. A years worth of grain will attract a large amount of very gross pests. This includes mites, spiders and sometimes even mice. Perhaps the biggest scourge of my time storing grain is the dreaded grain beetle. If you get an infestation it can wreak havoc on your profits. You can prevent this early with a preemptive cleaning.

Be aware of weather

Of course the ideal place to store the grain would be in an environment that is both cool and dry. In my experience the annoying fact is that weather will not always be on your side. For that reason it is important to weather proof your storage area adequately.


One of the biggest mistakes to make is to leave the grain unattended for weeks at a time and assume that all will be in order. Never do this! It is always important to constantly monitor the grain, preferable at least once a week. This will mean that if any issues do arise, then you can quickly deal with them.

Be aware of deterioration

One of the biggest problems that can face any farmer is the possibility of the grain deteriorating. This can be an absolute nightmare. In my first year as an independent farmer I made plenty of mistakes that led to me losing a large share of my crops. One of the biggest mistakes was not recognising deterioration. Keeping an eye out will prevent this.

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